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the michael jackson community. ♪'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the michael jackson community. ♪

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6/30/09 - 2:29pm

Is there anyone that can make me a slideshow icon in memory of Michael? I want it to say "Long Live The King" on one slide, and on a next "RIP Michael Jackson 1958~2009"

Pics I want to use are behind the cut....

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Michael Jackson Tribute Blog. [
7/1/09 - 11:42am

[ mood | crushed ]

Hello there.

I've written a personal tribute to Michael Jackson.

You can visit it here: http://butterfliesforever25.blogspot.com/

Please visit and let me know what you think.

My heart is broken. :(

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Michael Jackson memorial party. А2 club [
7/3/09 - 7:40pm

5 июля поклонники Майкла Джексона и просто любители качественной поп-музыки соберутся в А2, чтобы отдать дань уважения творчеству Короля Попа. А чем еще можно почтить память «Танцующего Мечту», как не танцами под его песни?
Лучшие хиты Джексона, а также знаменитая «лунная походка», ставшая визитной карточкой певца, ждут посетителей А2 в этот день.
Играет DJ VOID
Разъезжая улица, 12
тел. 922-4510
начало в 20.00

6/29/09 - 10:05am

[ mood | cold ]

Missing You, Mike. It hurts.


MJ has passed :( [
6/25/09 - 10:00pm

I am not sure what else to say. It is kind of difficult to accept someone who has been an influence on the music I have listened too while growing up has passed.

Anyway, I stopped by and wanted to share this FanHistory page. I am hoping since you are a fan, you might have some information you might be able to contribute to it in his honor.

RIP Michael Jackson!

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6/28/09 - 1:31pm

 may he rest in peace :'( x

Умер Майкл Джексон (Некролог) [
6/28/09 - 7:24pm


Мировые средства массовой информации продолжают обсуждать смерть Короля поп-музыки Майкла Джексона. Он скончался минувшей ночью в возрасте 50-ти лет от остановки сердца.
Официальное заключение о причине смерти будет сделано после вскрытия.

Обрывки Сознания предлагает Вашему вниманию некролог на смерть этого удивительного человека и артиста!



me as MJJ, been a fan for years, offically fell in love 1991, Dangerous [
11/3/08 - 7:40pm

me as MJJ...Collapse )

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8/28/08 - 9:18pm

 well happy 50th birthday to the one and only king of pop tomorrow! 

new sightings btw!
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На Michael Jackson жалуются [
10/25/08 - 8:52pm

Michael Jackson переехал в особняк, расположенный напротив школы, и получил множество жалоб от родителей.
Michael Jackson, которого в 2005 году обвиняли в растлении малолетних, вынужден сталкиваться с недовольством возмущенных родителей, чьи дети ходят в начальную школу Васден Лас-Вегаса для ребят от 4 до 13 лет.

Читай продолжение и смотри клипы на musictube.ru


Thriller 25 anyone? [
2/23/08 - 2:57pm

[ mood | Worried ]

Has anyone bought Thriller 25?
I got it on Tuesday & I think it's amazing! I was born after the '80's so this is the first time I've actually heard the Thriller album itself & I think it's such a great album. All the songs are great, there's so much variety on there & some of the songs are just so cute it's hard not to 'aww' out loud! Like Baby Be Mine...aww, I love that song, I seriously can't stop myself from smiling when I hear that song.
I'd have to say my favourite songs are: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Baby Be Mine & P.Y.T. That's not counting Thriller, Beat It & Billie Jean, because EVERYONE loves those songs. But I think the whole album itself is just fantastic & every song could easily be my favourite.
I don't really like any of the remixes, except the remix of Billie Jean is pretty sweet, it makes the song sound so epic! But yeah I really, really, really, deeply dislike what everyone else did to the other songs. I'm not a will.i.am, Akon or Fergie fan & I doubt I ever will be so I really, really, really hate what they did to Michael's music. I know that he gave them permission to do so but I still don't like it, I don't think any of those 'artists' are as good as Michael or ever will be so I don't think they should've ever been able to touch his music. But that's just my opinion & I am extremely biased toward Michael, I do think of him as somewhat of a God of music while I hate will.i.am, Akon & Fergie, but Kayne West I don't mind, what he did with Billie Jean is really interesting.
So what do you guys think? Do you like it?

Yesterday I read on Wikipedia that Michael is currently making a new album with all new material that should be released before the end of the year. Has anyone else heard this? I never know whether I can trust Wiki or not because everyone is all 'you know anyone can go in & edit Wiki with a bunch of crap' but it seemed true & I really hope it is because I would love some new stuff from Michael.

Michael Jackson > everyone else

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1/16/07 - 1:02am

Hello, mj fans. :) I have a few icons to share.

+Michael Jackson (bad tour '88)

Follow Me.

Простите, что встреваю... [
9/18/06 - 4:51pm

Говорят, Макл Джексон стоит на очереди за новым автомобилем Bugatti Veyron. Так же слухи доносят, что очередь не малая. Необходима информация о том, кто последний в очереди.

7/11/06 - 1:29am


I'm sorry if this is not allowed, you can delete it if it's not. But I just thought I'd let you all know about:

It's been around for a while, but was offline for quite sometime. It just re-opened and we're a little scarce on members. It's a great place to meet some friendly new people. We're extremely laid back and love talking about all sorts of things, MJ related and not. Hope to see you there.



MJ's Moonwalker / Google Homepage [
7/16/06 - 11:34am

This is the first in a series of three MJ themes:

Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.

5/13/06 - 1:29pm

создано новое сообщество для российкий фанов. все добро пожаловать :)

4/17/06 - 11:35pm

2006-04-15 Gary Dunlap
I'm Gary Dunlap and I'm running for District Attorney of Santa Barbara County, where Michael’s Neverland Ranch is located. You know what the district attorney did to Michael, in the name of the People. They've made it unwise for Michael to live in his own home, and impossible for Neverland to remain open. When I win, I will change that; and win I will, with your help.

Mr. Sneddon is retiring, and has endorsed his assistant, Christie Stanley, to replace him to keep things running 'as usual'. If she wins Michael will probably be best advised to never return to his beloved Neverland, and the county will continue to be governed with a tightening grip on our liberty.

I got to know and respect Michael riding with him to court during the darkest days of his trial. When I'm District Attorney, I won't condone or allow the harassment that happened to him and others, to continue.

Successful campaigns are based on support of like-minded individuals. Go to my web site, check it, and if you agree with me, contribute your time, effort, or money in whatever way or amount is comfortable to help us achieve our common goals.


With your help we can make a difference in Santa Barbara County and vindicate Michael’s life at Neverland.

Thank you,

Gary Dunlap

4/16/06 - 11:59am

I love MJ, and I love the idea of this community.
♥ Finally some people who can actually get past the bullcrap && lies about him.
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1/23/06 - 8:02pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hay guys! I love Michael, I think he rulez. Not many people are members here! That's kinda sad... But I'll proomote in my lj for it, k?

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New MJ Community for the girls *lol* [
4/6/06 - 3:39pm

[ mood | hyper ]

Come here girls mj_is_sexy if you want to talk about MJ in a slightly different way  lol.

We all know that Michael is or at least was freaking hot, so share your thoughts in our community. Note: You have to be a member of mj_is_sexy to post. 

love Sandra


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